Free Wii Points

Get free Wii Points

Now, maybe you do not believe this, but there are not so many ways to find free Wii Points on the Internet. Many people try their luck searching in vain, for hours, for Wii Points generators or for different websites that pretend to have giveaways.

Unlike usual programs for which you can find keys, serials or codes generators, Wii Points have a different situation. Each unique code is generated and stored on a server. Once used, it cannot be reused by another person. If, supposedly, someone could found the algorithm to generate Wii Card Codes, these would be useless because that person should simultaneously entry them into the Nintendo Wii server as well. One option would be if one would hack a Wii server, but that is a sure ticket to jail.

I never saw a single valid code generator; I never saw a real giveaway that proved to be legit and not a fraud and I searched quite a lot.

So, how to get free Wii Points?

free wii points

The only functional way I saw and tried so far was to complete free offers or surveys. Some sites with good reputation (Beware of scams, are many!) provide the free Wii Points in exchange for your time and labor spent to do these. Nobody likes to complete surveys, so people who need these must offer a reward or something in return to those who complete them.

Are indeed free Wii Points? The answer is simple NO, because you have to work and will lose some of your valuable free time completing surveys. Time is money, so the points are not free, are just points got without a credit card or without investing true income or spending your pocket money. Sometimes the wasted time can be higher priced when compared with the actual earnings.

Free Wii Points form Points2shop

free wii points

Many websites (Points2shop, for example) offer Wii Points Codes to their members. In exchange, they have to complete different tasks, called offers or take online surveys. Completing these tasks is not challenging, you do not need special knowledge or skills and takes a moderate amount of time. With each offer or surveys that you complete you gain a number of points (100 points= $1.00 for example) and when you earn enough points you can buy your free Wii Points Card Code. This will be sent to your email account within hours or to your address in a few days.

A lot of offers are totally free, some ask you to buy something, a product or a service:

  • You can be asked to visit a website or to sign up to one. This is a very good way for certain companies to make themselves known through these methods of advertising.
  • You can get points in exchange for downloading and installing a program, watching a video or liking something from Facebook.

The surveys are the best for making some points, a step forward to get your free Wii Points Card. These, are paid in accordance with their complexity and usually take five to ten minutes to complete. The more time you spend filling out a questionnaire like that, the more points the survey will bring into your account. Advertising is really a difficult area, and many businesses conclude that it is well worth spending money on their consumers' views.

When a person gains enough points, he or she is ready to order their Wii Points Card. Here you are usually given two options:

  • To buy a real card, that will be mailed to your address. The process can take days or a couple of weeks depending on the website and on the mail service as well.
  • To buy only the code, if there are available, that will be sent to your email address within hours or in a couple of days.


If you decide that is worthwhile to try an offers and surveys website, choose one with a good reputation, with administrators and moderators, with thousands or even millions of members, a website that will not disappoint you or turn you effort into the anger of being scammed. A good one is Points2shop, which is presented in my home page, free Wii Points.