How to Get Referrals?

If you wonder how to get referrals for your moneymaking websites affiliate programs, you have come to the right place. Below is a referral guide, some free methods I used in the last 3 years on GPT sites like Points2shop, Cashle, and GPtreasure or on PTC's like NeoBux. Of course, it were many others, also.

A. How to Get Referrals from YOUTUBE:

  • The quickest and easiest way of getting referrals is from YouTube. There is no need for special knowledge or skills. Moreover, it is free.
  • Make some YouTube channels, first. Not one, several, 10 for example. Manage them with an Excel sheet.
  • Make a couple of videos presenting the main features of the website promoted or download some videos made by others.
  • From one video, make 3 or 4 different ones by cutting images, changing the soundtrack or the color of the written text. YouTube will see identical videos as duplicates and your work will be a waste of time.
  • Upload the videos (in High Definition is best) on your channels. Do not upload more than 2-3 on a channel because, you will see, the videos can be flagged, deleted and after 2 videos removed, the YouTube employees will delete your entire channel.
  • Post your referral link (or a website with a referral links) in the text description under the video. It is also recommended to watermark your video with the referral link.
  • Use some programs or external websites to increase your views, add friends or subscribers:,,,

A few things you should know about videos:


  • The video has to be attractive and short. Therefore, use pre-written text, large payment proofs, a good song as soundtrack, special effects. Keep the video under 4 minutes (1-3 minutes, the best) and make it HD (1024x768px or 1280x720px).

 Title, description and tags:

  • YouTube treats your video like if it were a web page. Therefore, the title is the most important part.
  • Find a good title using this tool: Keyword Tool - Google Adwords or use YouTube suggestions.
  • The title has to be posted also in the description box under the video, in the first 50 characters and in the tag section.
  • For example if you choose "How to Get Referrals" as your video title, then the description text has to begin with this and the concentration of the keyword has to be of 2-3% in the text box. For 100 words, "How to Get Referrals" has to be repeated 2-3 times in the description. The tag section will look like this: "how to get referrals", "get referrals",how, to, get, referrals.

 Favorite list, comments, thumb up:

  • A video, which appears as a favorite on other channels lists, will rank higher. It is similar to backlinks for web pages. If you have 10 channels, it is a good idea to add every video as favorite on the other channels' lists.
  • Comments and "thumbs up" are less important than "add as favorite". If you wish, you may use some specialized websites to add comments or you can add them, on your own, from one channel to other.


  • A video without some initial views will be a failure. The number of views is the most important factor in the ranking of a video. To increase your views use these websites, all free:,,,

Programs used to make a video:

  • TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas Pro or Sony Vegas Platinum, Adobe After Effects, AVS Video Convertor

Programs used to download a video:

  • Internet Download Manager

Upload videos also here:

  • Metacafe, Dailymotin, Vimeo, Veoah

B. How to Get Referrals with a WEBSITE & YOUTUBE

A website on its own takes a lot of work, knowledge, money and time until it can get organic traffic from search engines like Google, for example. A combination between a website and some videos is a very good thing from many points of view:

  • As you know, a video with a referral link posted in the text box can be flagged by some jerk and deleted by YouTube.
  • A video with a website posted in the text box is more likely not to be removed by YouTube. They allow advertising your own site, if this one in not a flashy commercial one.

The good thing about this combination is that your video probably will not be deleted and that, little by little, the website will rank higher on Google searches and get organic traffic. You will get referrals in the mean time.
The downside is that if you make a very unattractive website, the people will not trust you and you will not get any referrals.
WARNING: Please do not use Weebly. They remove websites with referral links.

Some useful things about websites

Programs used to make a professional website:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver , Adobe Photoshop

Great optimization programs:

  • Internet Business Promoter (IBP-you can find it free). Read the help section. It is very good and covers all the aspects: keyword optimization, backlinks, search engines submission and web directories.
  • SENukeX is an exceptional robot used to build backlinks (it can be found also free).


An alternative to a website is a blog. You can build one at

  • You can make as many blogs as you want on different Google accounts.
  • Needs the same effort to make it rank in search engines like a normal website.
  • The blog, like a video, can be flagged by someone and deleted by Google employees.

If you want to build a blog at, you have to know that you are not allowed to post on it many referral links. The blog will be blocked, in the end, if you try to get referrals with it.


Search for making money questions on Yahoo! Answers ( and reply, posting your referral link there. You need to know the answer to the question and to give a reply that does not look like spam. Some say that is a real goldmine for getting referrals because these answers tend to rank very high in search engines. I have not used it.


If you have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, you can use these to promote your referral link or your website.


Are also good places to post ads with your referral link included in the content. I have not used that either.


If you are like writing, instead of making a website or a blog, you can write articles at Squidoo. They let you post the referral link in the content and the articles tend to rank very high for the keywords chosen.
I do not recommend Hubpages. I wrote 3 articles there and every one of them was removed because of referral links. A total waste of time.


You can find forums that allow the use of a signature. Post your referral link or your website as that signature. Post quality comments not spam.